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MAJIK Enterprises is a family owned company, based in Lancaster PA and founded in 1984 as a video rental company – renting VHS and Betamax videos and VCRs. The company founder, Dave Fisher, wanted to make life easier for customers so rather than having customers renting a big, heavy, VCR every weekend with nothing to show for it, he instituted a $10/week VCR rent-to-own program allowing the customers to keep the VCRs in their homes, all week long, for half the cost of a weekend rental. And, best of all, each rental payment reduced the purchase price of the VCR should they want to buy it.

This true story of helping our customers forms the basis of MAJIK today. In each of our 13 store locations throughout central PA, our company operates on the principal of helping people (employees, customers and the community at large), providing quality merchandise with flexible payment options and no long-term obligations with free delivery, setup, and pick-up if needed. For those with no credit, or poor credit, we have a quick, easy approval process.

921 Lancaster Ave. Columbia, PA 17512

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