Fox43 Highlights National Watch and Clock Museum



Fox43 Highlights National Watch and Clock Museum

Thought you knew everything about Columbia? Did you know we have the largest collection of watches and clocks… in the entire USA?

The National Watch and Clock Museum in Columbia, Lancaster County, has a little bit of everything, from the large to the small and the old to the new. In fact, it boasts not just the largest collection of timepieces in the area, the state, or the country, but in all of North America.

With a staggering 13,000 pieces, some on display while others are cataloged, this museum offers a constant rotation of fascinating exhibits. Even those who work there always find something unique to marvel at.

Visitors can truly travel through time as they witness the evolution of timepieces, while also appreciating the significant role this region has played in the history of horology.

It’s not uncommon for the relatives of past donors to drop by and inquire about the whereabouts of specific clocks or watches that their loved ones had contributed.

So, whether you’re a clock enthusiast, a lover of cool wristwatches, or simply seeking an educational and captivating way to spend a day in Columbia, PA, this museum is an absolute must-visit.

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