Celebrate The Old And New



Celebrate The Old And New

I have fond memories of family vacations as a child traveling through the beautiful New England Regions. As a kid, I was focused on the sandy beaches and quaint candy shops, while my parents loved the area for its vast array of antique stores and endless treasures to explore. 

Antiquing became popular in the 1960s and 70s, and my parents jumped on the bandwagon in their early 20s. As residents of the Central PA area back then, they frequently antiqued throughout the region, from the suburbs of Philadelphia to, you guessed it, Columbia, PA. 

Once my siblings and I came along, their antiquing days dwindled, but the shops in New England were always a stop during family vacations. Although I spent many of those antiquing days waiting in the car with my brother and sister while my parents poked around, I now share a similar love for antiquing and exploring shops filled with treasures of the past. 

Welcome To Columbia, PA

When I first began working in Columbia in 2018, I had never visited the town before. I rolled up to my office in the spring of that year, driving up and down the gridded streets. Small shops, beautiful old buildings, and residential homes lined the main areas of downtown. I didn’t know it then, but many of those buildings and spaces would be ones I would get to explore and adventure within in the coming years. 

While I love many aspects of Columbia, the rich history of antique shops in the area has to be at the top of my list. I love spending a Saturday buried in chests, shelves, and rooms filled with trinkets and toys that were once loved by others. Finding goodies I didn’t even know I was searching for is always my favorite part. And I’m thankful I share this love with my parents! 

Some of our favorite spots in Columbia to explore include: 

  • Bootleg Antiques
  • Toll Booth Antiques
  • Burning Bridge Antique Market
  • Rivertowne Antique Center
  • Geltz, Gotz & Goodeze
  • Dietz’s Charming Mix

From antique furniture and home goods to books, art, and more, the shops of Columbia have something for everyone. Although I didn’t always appreciate the hours spent in antique shops as a kid, I now understand the joy that can come from discovering something preloved and giving it a new, fresh start. 

Although my career brought me to the beautiful rivertown of Columbia, my love for the local community, small businesses, and of course, antiquing, are what keep me coming back. 

Whether you’ve never visited Columbia before or you call the special place home, I encourage you to explore new places you’ve never popped in before. Because I guarantee, there are some amazing new shops you’ve yet to venture into. 

Maybe it’s time to make new memories, revive some old ones at these antique shops, or just enjoy our rivertown for a day. You’ll probably keep coming back just like I do.

  • Sally / #DiscoverColumbiaStories