Best Practices For STR in The Borough of Columbia


Best Practices For STR in The Borough of Columbia

These are based on a year of results from Freedom Home PA’s successful impact in the Borough of Columbia.

I believe we can do it BEST.

I have also taken liberty to share my own thoughts on related issues to Short Term Rentals (STR) in the Borough of Columbia:

Should an STR have to be a detached dwelling? No. In some cases, the best places are semi-detached.

Should there be a limit of STRs allowed in the Borough? Yes. Initially, I propose a 20 STR limit (based on other small town research) that are evenly dispersed in targeted zones. More to be shared on this later.

Should off-street parking be mandatory? No. Case dependent.

Should an STR operator have to own a home or business in the Borough? Yes.

Should a management company replace the local ownership contingency? No.

Should STRs report annual impact to a committee? Yes.